What I wish I had been told…

I’m not sure if it’s specific to New Zealand, or a phenomenon worldwide or maybe just specific to me and my circumstances, but there didn’t seem to be a right way to do things.

Let the baby sleep, wake the baby, swaddle the baby, leave the baby to cry, pat the baby, dont feed to sleep, feed to sleep, it didn’t seem to matter which way you did things, doctors, midwives, health visitors as they called them in the UK had no firm advice on how to actually raise this floppy squirming beautiful creature that you’ve miraculously created.

I am confident now, having given birth and raised (raising!) 5 beautiful little babies that there really are certain basic things you can do to make your life (and theirs) easier, safer, and more lovely.

Through sharing my experience I hope that you too can experience the absolute joy that mothering can bring with confidence that you can skip some of the hard parts.

Disclaimer : All content on this site is my own opinion and not to be misconstrued as medical advice. If in doubt, consult your doctor

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